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Rash guard US-16S Mambo King

itslovethesunThis is the guaranteed maximum sun protection with ECO UVA and UVB filter.Sport, casual & beach wear lycrasCertify by TESTEX, swiss lab.

Composition: Poliéster 88% + Elastane 12%

Permanent odor free by SANITIZED®

Original design printing with digital HD

EU Design Patented Nº 002054288-0001

  • itslovethesun
  • US-01S Tsunami
    US-03S Erizo
    US-04S Surf
    US-13S Cangrejos
    US-14S Reloj
    US-15S Delfin
    US-16S Mambo King
    US-17S Windsurf
    US-19S Espada Pirata
    US-24S Pez Naranja
    US-25S Pez Azul
    US-28S Tortuga Verde
    US-29S Caracola Azul
    US-31S Estrella Naranja
    US-33S Estrella Rosa
    US-39S Calavera Pirata